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Numero is a calculator with some nice features. It has a text box that displays all of expressions
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9 July 2004

Editor's review

Numero is a customizable calculator which performs all your functionalities in an easier and better manner.
The standard calculator that comes with Windows allows you to enter one number at a time. With this tool, you can type in the whole expression at once with the help of the feature to set the order the operations. This saves a lot of time and effort. It functions like a scientific calculator with trigonometric and arctrigonometric functions. You need not lose track of lengthy calculations as this tool saves and displays the answers of calculations you already made while displaying a text box with the current calculation. This makes it easier to locate a mistake made if any. Customize the look and feel of the tool by setting your own color and transparency options.
The text box where you perform the operations looks as clear as working on a notebook with all the questions and answers displayed.

Publisher's description

Numero is a calculator program that I made because I don't like the calculator that comes with Windows. Microsoft's calculator program only lets you type in one number at a time. Mine, however, can do the order of operations, so you can type in the whole expression at once. Numero has about everything that you would expect to see on a scientific calculator, including trigonometric and arctrigonometric functions. In addition to the text box that you enter the expression into, Numero has a text box that displays all of the expressions and answers that you have aready calculated. I also added fading in and fading out effects when you open and close the program, and there are some options that let you customize the interface. You can change the colors of the window, and you can change how transparent it is.
Version 1.0
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Ian Driscoll
Numero is an excellent scientific calculator program that is quick and easy to use. If I had any complaint, it would be that it needs an update to make it compatible with more recent .Net Frameworks, because I can`t run it on Windows Vista.
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